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Welcome to the Logan Kung Fu Club

If this is your first time trying martial arts or if you've been involved for years, the Logan Kung Fu Club is dedicated to providing a positive, safe, and fun learning environment.

Our practice of Chinese martial arts focuses on application, self-development, and physical fitness.  The curriculum is both traditional and directly applicable to the combat sports of Chinese kickboxing (San Da) and Chinese wrestling (Shuai Jiao).


Boxing Gloves


Combat sports meet tradition

Kids Kung Fu

6-12 years (Traditional, Sanda, and Shuai Jiao)

Wednesdays: 4-5 pm

In this class students will get the chance to learn the core techniques from traditional kung fu, Shuai Jiao, and Sanda. Along with technique we will cover self-defense topics like awareness an de-escalation.​They  will also get the chance to participate in each combat sport if interested.


Traditional Kung Fu

Adults (Southern Shaolin Kung Fu)

Wednesdays: 5-6 pm

Our curriculum covers the open hand techniques, forms, weapon sets and practical applications of Lee Family Kung Fu as taught in the Chen Wu Guan system. This class can be a good place to start if you want to get into martial arts or a great place to cross train if you are already participating in a combat sport. 

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Adults (Kickboxing with throws)

Wednesdays: 6-7 pm

Sanda is the full-contact combat sport developed in China from kung fu in the early 1920s.  It is most easily relatable to modern MMA competitions if the groundwork were removed. Matches are traditionally fought on a Lei Tai or raised platform with winners decided by points or knockout.  The Sanda class will focus on the sport application of kung fu techniques, partner work, sparring, and fitness.  If you are looking for mixed-range striking and stand-up grappling skills in one place then this is for you.


Shuai Jiao

Adults (Jacket and no jacket wrestling)

Fridays: Noon - 2 pm

Bejing Shuai Jiao has efficient training methods, technical breakdowns of throws and exercises, and sophisticated use of grip skills for controlling your opponent and setting up techniques.​Guang Wu Shuai Jiao was founded in Beijing by Head Coach Liu Zu Guang and his senior student Sonny Mannon. The Logan Kung Fu Club has been training with Sonny for 3.5 years.  Coach Tyrell Fenn is a certified level 2 instructor and is currently in the instructor training program.

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Boxing Gloves

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​917 West 600 North
Suite, 109
​Logan, Utah 84321

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